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gimpy captcha

What is captcha?

Captcha is the source of leaders in their home page to pages linked from registration or a comment to a guard of bots or computer programs are abused or leave comments on this fake profile of human sites. These Captcha code of the program is unable to read thus also unable to carry out their harmful actions. Captcha means "Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart".Originally CAPTCHA images were usually letters and numbers. Soon, this protection was circumvented by the use of text recognition software. To combat unwanted access, text, images were wry, no letters arranged on a single line, etc. Today, many parts of the gimpy CAPTCHA test has become so complex that it can not always solve the ordinary man.

Gimpy captcha

harder version of Gimpy CAPTCHA, or provide an image, as shown below. There are 10 names (some repeated), overlaid in pairs. the test taker is required to list three words in the picture to go.gimpy captcha is the same as the gimpy captcha is displayed as an image, which includes any word, phrase of the sentence, or simply the letter savienojumu.gimpy captcha phrase or code, as it is called either course, you can also listen to and record what you hear the phrase and specially form.clutter the picture, the real words instead of random background texture, it is more difficult to manage. In addition, we have to find 3 words, instead of just one. Our current algorithm can find the three correct words and pass this examination Gimpy captcha 33% of the time. Note that even if we can guess a word correctly 70% of the time, we should only expect to get 3 words correctly about 0.7 * 0.7 * 0.7 = 34% of the time. Moreover, given our 33% success rate, it would still be ineffective CATPCHA filtering "robots" because they can bombard a program with thousands of requests.
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